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Wanting to have a ceiling fan installed  or replaced in your home?  Save the hassle and have it professionally installed.

Not only does a fan provide an efficient and budget-friendly method to cool the interior spaces within your home during the summer, it also improves air circulation during the winter throughout your home to uniformly distribute heat. While many homeowners take the opportunity to install chandeliers or ceiling fan as a do-it-yourself project, without the proper training or by hiring the wrong electrical contractor, this can become a disaster. It usually comes in the form of expensive repairs due to damaged wiring or the potential for a fire. If a ceiling fan isn’t installed properly, it can cause a short circuit and the fan may become inoperable. 

Installing Ceiling Fan Kettering, OH

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Ceiling Fan and Chandelier Removal and Replacement in Kettering, OH

Ceiling fans and chandeliers can become quite heavy with their electric motors and chandeliers contain a large volume of glass. Meaning that without proper equipment, the project can become quite the endeavor. Our team is well-versed in all applications of installing ceiling fans and chandeliers in Kettering, OH. We also offer removal of your existing fan and chandelier fixtures and provide proper disposal so you do not have to worry about getting rid of it. To schedule a consultation or get a quote for a ceiling fan or chandelier project in Kettering, give us a call today at (937) 230-9100.

Ceiling Fans Kettering, OH

Did you know that ceiling fans have the capability to switch the direction they spin? In the hot summer months, you will want to set the fan blades to spin counter-clockwise to create a cool wind by decreasing the moisture on your skin. During the humid days, a ceiling fan can make a room feel several degrees cooler. This will help save money on your electric bill since the air conditioning unit will not have to run as much.

During the cold winter months, setting your fan to rotate clockwise can force warm air from the ceiling downward into the room. This can also help reduce your utility expenses as you will not have to use heat as much. Our team specializes in the installation of a variety of ceiling fans that will match your taste and help you become more energy efficient.

Ceiling Fan Installation

We work to ensure you will be completely satisfied with all the electrical work done in your property. Our experienced professional technicians continually educate themselves by staying in the know with all the new advances in their field. Request a quote today. 

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